Emergencies Only

Safety Tips

To ensure that our community is safe, here are some tips:



  • Don't allow anyone to tailgate when driving in through the gates.

  • Report to the office if you see someone driving in through the exit gate.

  • Please note that for their safety, children are not permitted to play in the breezeways or on the streets.  Additionally, they are not permitted on the pool deck, clubhouse or exercise room unattended.





  • Residents are allotted 2 parking spaces only and must have a parking decal for each vehicle and park in their assigned parking space only.

  • All overnight guests/visitors must have a visitor's parking pass and it must be displayed on your rearview mirror.

  • No parking is permitted along the curb next to mailboxes, fire lanes, or that blocks any resident parking.

  • Unit owners/registered residents are permitted to call Beezy Towing Company if they are being blocked or if an unknown vehicle is in their parking spot.


Beezy Towing 




This property is secured by Jampol Protective Services Inc.  In the event of an emergency, or if you see any suspicious activity contact:


Jampol Protective Services Inc.






If you have an activated or plan to activate a security alarm system, it must be registered with the City of Miramar. Click here for the registration form.




Bringing a guest in their own vehicle? Here's how to let them through: Have them drive up to the gate before you, then you drive up to the decal/card reader to activate it.  Once they have gone through, safely reverse to activate it again to let yourself in.  Do not try to have them follow after you.